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Terms of Service is a web-based service provided on an "as-is" basis with no explicit or implicit warranties. You should be using this service if you understand and abide by the terms stated here. The owners, founders, employers, employees, or affiliates of the service are in no way responsible for any damages arising out of the the direct or indirect use of this service.


You pictures come to our server. To safeguard your privacy we flush the pictures away every 24 hours. We do not use your pictures for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. We do not redistribute your pictures.

We however, can not be held responsible for the pilferage of your photographs affected by means of a malicious attack on our servers. If it is really private, keep the photographs to yourself.


You retain the copyright of your pictures at all times, including the ones cropped by croppola. We do not claim any rights on them and do not use them for any kind of benefit.

Depending on the country whose laws you may have to abide by, please do not upload files that you do not have the right to possess or upload.


We can not be held responsible if you are unhappy with the result of the crops provided by croppola. Image cropping is highly subjective and croppola's algorithms may never be able to exceed the abilities and judgement of a human.