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Getting Started

Croppola technology can be integrated into your website, your service, or your software. On these pages, you will find a documentation of the API's, as well as sample code.

URL Parameters on

The following parameters can be added to the URL:

  • aspectRatio: Preselects the aspect ratio.
  • scaledWidth: Configures the cropped image to be scaled to this width.
  • scaledHeight: Configures the cropped image to be scaled to this height.


Note that all parameters can still be changed by the user.

Croppola on your website

To integrate croppola (image upload with or without automatic crop suggestion), start with one of the following examples:

  • The flexible cropping example provides an interface similar to The user can choose between automatic or manual cropping, select an aspect ratio and a crop size, or enter the exact crop coordinates manually.
  • The fixed-ratio cropping example contains a simplified interface in which the aspect ratio is pre-set to a fixed value.
  • The fixed-shape cropping example offers an alternate interface for fixed-ratio cropping. This interface is particularly suited for non-rectangular cropping.

Note that you need HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills to make the necessary adjustments to the code. If you prefer us to make the necessary adjustments and integration for you, please ask us for a quote.

The example code is available free of charge, but we charge a small fee per image when using our servers:

Croppola Server Subscription
USD 30 / EUR 30 per year up to 2'000 images/year
USD 0.015 / EUR 0.015 per image up to 10'000 images/year
USD 0.012 / EUR 0.012 per image up to 100'000 images/year
USD 0.010 / EUR 0.010 per image above 100'000 images/year

Croppola on your own servers

We offer an NginX module implementing the croppola server API that you can run on your own servers. Please get in touch with us if you plan on running croppola on your own servers.

Croppola in your software product

We offer a C library of croppola's smart composition algorithm. Please get in touch with us if you plan on integrating croppola in your software.