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Innovative image cropping

What matters more than an expensive camera is how one composes the picture. But composing good pictures comes from experience and takes too much time and care.

Croppola is based on algorithms that capture the essence of good photographic composition. These algorithms are based on hypotheses of how professional photographers find balance and harmony when capturing their pictures. Of the several possible crops of a photo, croppola's technology finds the cropping rectangle that offers the best balance in terms of the structural components and colors of the photograph, while retaining as much of the important content as possible.

You can obtain stunning compositions from your existing photographs just about every time. Just let croppola work its magic on them.

Or go manual, do you own thing, for you know best. Even as a manual tool, croppola is far easier to use for cropping than expensive photo-editing tools.

Croppola API

Interested in offering croppola image composition technology to your customers? Or do you need a simple and smart HTML image upload for your website?

Do not hesitate to tell us about your project, and how we can contribute. If you would like to integrate croppola technology by yourself, refer to the technical information and code examples on our documentation pages.