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Frequently Asked Questions

My cat was cut in two...why?

Sorry about that. Croppola looks at various aspects of the image (lighting, colors, sharpness, etc.), but the algorithm is not smart enough (not just yet) to tell if your pet is in the photo.

I am a professional photographer. Why doesn't Croppola crop photos like I would?

Image composition is highly subjective. Even two professionals may not agree on the same crop for a photo. Croppola may not be able to please you every time, but it is indeed trying to please you most of the time.

Do you keep a copy of the uploaded photos on your server?

No. We only store the photos for as long as you use the website, and thereafter delete them within 1-2 hours.

Who holds the rights of the photos I crop using Croppola?

You do! You retain full ownership of your photos.

What web browser do I need to use Croppola?

The online version of Croppola runs on HTML5 compliant browsers. We regularly test it using recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How fast is Croppola?

Croppola is blazingly fast. Finding the optimal crop in a 12 MP photo only takes a fraction of a second.

If you are using the online version of croppola, you will notice that uploading the photo (and decompressing it) takes much more time than calculating the crop.