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Terms of Service


Your pictures are transferred onto our servers, and remain stored there for approximately one hour. We analyze your pictures through an automatic algorithm to suggest cropping coordinates, but do not use them for any other purpose. We do not redistribute your pictures, or any information obtained from them.


We secure our servers through industry-standard means. However, your pictures may be exposed to internet surveillance or malicious attacks on the server, or during the transmission to or from the server. Do not upload sensitive pictures.

Copyright does not claim any rights on the cropped pictures, whether they were cropped manually or automatically.

Do not upload pictures that you are not allowed to own, use and edit.

Liability is provided "as is". We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that arises from its use. In particular, we do not guarantee the its availability, or suitability for a specific purpose. Image cropping is highly subjective and computer algorithms may never be able to match the abilities and judgement of a human.